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The Ladies Who Lead Retreat provides unique and refreshing coaching for Women in any sort of leadership position.  It helps them to lead themselves, their team, their business and their family in a connected and heart-centred way, so they feel confident, aligned and ready to make the impact they know they are capable of making.   

Through highly interactive experiential learning practices, supported by individual coaching and mentoring, the Ladies Who Lead Programme provides space to reflect, learn and discover the best next steps you can make to enhance your professional life and personal journey. 

Facilitated by Fiona May and Sandra Lee, executive coaches, speakers, and founders of The Empowerment Adventure, you will be immersed in a strategic self-discovery journey and guided to take inspired action that leads you to get tangible results, and will impact your life long after the retreat finishes. 

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About The Retreat

This transformational 4-day Ladies Who Lead Retreat is strategically designed to cultivate and evoke the natural power and strength that Women Leaders carry within them. Through this immersive experience, you will be guided to tap into your values and leverage your innate wisdom to help you get clarity on your goals and your ambitions.  Through powerful questions and using our “Delve and Dissect Framework,” you’ll get clear on what matters most right now and the steps to take to make it real.

As you are guided on a transitional journey from where you currently are now to where you want to be, your heart, mind and soul will become aligned with your inner wisdom, power and drive.  You will become a more confident, courageous and authentic leader and agent of growth and change.

This Leadership Retreat brings women in leadership positions together and coaches them so they can have unique conversations with other like-minded women and discover what’s possible and next for them…

Do You Love To Grow?

Do you want to confidently and easily make hard decisions and be an inspiring leader that grows and develops her team?
Do you want to bring out the best in other people and help them reach their potential and achieve your team goals?
Are you ready to understand other people and harness their abilities to grow beyond what they know and improve every area of their lives?

The Ladies Who Lead Curriculum goes deep and addresses the blocks that get in the way of business and team success. Collectively Sandra and Fiona have over 70 years of business and leadership experience and they talk about topics no one else does. The retreat takes a holistic look at business and leadership, so it is a little bit about business, psychology, spirituality and personal empowerment, all in one.  

You’ll get insights you won’t get anywhere else and leave with strategies and tools to grow your Business, Team and Yourself. We will help you to discover how to ensure the teams you lead thrive and what it really takes to be successful.  The experiential learning techniques employed ensure that you get hands-on experience so you walk away with a completely new perspective on business, and lead in a way that is balanced, fulfilling and empowering.

Is The Retreat For You? 

Maybe you know there is more to learn… 
Maybe you’re looking for inspiration or a sense of community or 
Maybe you feel like you are on the right path but just want to get there quicker…

Whatever it is for you, we promise you will find it at the Retreat as we will work with you to get clarity and peace of mind.  As you allow yourself the grace and space to open your mind, you will discover what is possible for you and overcome the limitations that have held you back from reaching your full potential.

You Should Join Us If: 

At Work:

  • You lead others and carry responsibility and would like to become a better leader
  • You often feel you don’t have all the answers or the tools to get things done 
  • You’re a role model for other women – whether or not you choose to be
  • You know there are other smart, switched- on like-minded women out there, but you haven’t found a tribe and would love a safe space to connect

At Home:

  • You’re the “go-to” person for the people in your life: mentally, emotionally and even possibly financially
  • And…likely the family contact point for all things family related; attending to the needs of the people you love and want to care for, but their needs can be demanding and you get tired…
  • You love your life deeply…. but you fall into bed exhausted at the end of every day

Inside Your Soul:

  • You’re looking to integrate your purpose, vision and values into your life more fully
  • You know that you’re called to more – but you don’t know where to start
  • You’re tired of being pulled in so many directions and feel like everything rests on your shoulders and you’d like new tools
  • You know you have more to offer and haven’t reached your potential so are keen to keep growing and developing yourself so you can impact and help more people  

What You'll Discover...

This retreat offers you the opportunity to step away from your day-to-day roles and responsibilities and never-ending to-do list. You’ll immerse yourself in a nourishing environment that feeds your mind, body and soul. The Ladies Who Lead Retreat is an Empowerment Adventure and will help you soak up our uniquely structured and gracefully facilitated program so you gain insightful wisdom and growth as you develop your personality and further your professional journey. 

If you’re ready to redefine who you are and what you know, we’d love to have you join us as we rejuvenate your passion, build your inner confidence and surround you with other leaders who talk the same language. It’s so much more than a yoga or meditation retreat. It gives you a unique opportunity to pull back the curtain on your life and leadership style, and discover how to lead yourself and others in an impactful and rewarding way.

You will be guided through a series of interactive workshops and activities so you have a deeper understanding of people and can connect with others at a heart level. You’ll return home enlightened, encouraged and with a collection of new skills, plus a new tribe of supportive sisters, so your experience and friendships will remain with you, long after the retreat ends.

What's Included?


Life Transition & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Business Strategist & Implementation Coach

What Our Clients Say

This 4-day immersive experience will tap into your values, leverage your innate wisdom to help you get clarity on your goals and your ambitions. With a small group of other accomplished women, you’ll hone your leadership style and define what’s next for you on your life journey.

If you are ready to build the life you really want and achieve similar results to the thousands of other ladies we’ve coached, join us at the LADIES WHO LEAD Retreat, 27-30th April 2023
Fiona & Sandra x

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