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Better Business Retreat

Better Business Coaching: Accelerate Your Success

Better Business Coaching was founded as part of The Empowerment Adventure, by Fiona May and Sandra Lee, to empower and transform business success and overcome invisible barriers. Our mission? To help you unlock untapped market share and propel your business forward.

The Challenge:
You’ve reached an invisible barrier that’s hindering growth, and despite your best efforts, breaking through seems impossible.
The wisdom of Albert Einstein reminds us, “The same thinking that has led you to where you are is not going to lead you to where you want to go.”

Our Solution:
We offer hands-on training and mentorship, providing you with tools and strategies to identify blockages and dissolve them. With changing market dynamics, business owners often unknowingly create rigid boundaries and can’t see what they don’t know. We help you identify and surpass them.
Our approach is backed by ancient wisdom, as an old Japanese proverb says, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

Services We Offer

Consulting: Fiona and Sandra, with their rich experience, focus on:
Enhancing Business Profitability
Team Development
Crafting Strategic Business Plans for Clarity and Accountability

Mentoring – We guide Businesses to:
Thrive and expand
Develop new markets and increase profitability
Improve overall performance
Foster personal accountability
Deploy skills effectively
Create a Culture and Flow 

Training: We offer skill transfers tailored to your company’s unique needs. Areas include:
Business Planning: Create dynamic business plans aligned with your goals.
Marketing: Pinpoint your ideal customer and optimize advertising ROI.
Sales: Build sales systems for repeatable income and strong customer relationships.
Customer Service: Cultivate excellent communication and service skills.
Money Matters: Understand cash flow management and profitability to drive financial growth.

Our Impact:
Our clientele primarily includes small to mid-size companies ready for growth or preparing for sale. We’re here to ensure businesses achieve their potential. By partnering with us, you harness our expertise to extract the best from yourself and your team, setting the stage for sustainable and profitable growth.

Take Action:
If you’re ready to break through, click here to book a free Business Audit Consultation to see if we can help you be more successful.