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You are invited to a 5-day Emotional Empowerment and Wellness Retreat to help Busy Women Reconnect with their Spirit, Rejuvenate their Souls and find FUN in life again.

BALI, OCTOBER 10-14, 2023​

About The "Made For More" Retreat

Guilt, work and stress have stolen our fun. As busy women, we juggle all sorts of responsibilities and can feel burned out and controlled by our never-ending to-do list as a result. This retreat is all about reconnecting with your passions, rejuvenating your soul and building your confidence so you can go after your wildest dreams.

Designed By Successful Women For Successful Women...

This 5-day Women’s Retreat is designed by Sandra and Fiona to share with you the tools and skills to make your life EXTRAORDINARY.  You will be inspired to be brave and live an almighty life where you take risks, have fun and squeeze every piece of greatness out of it. Your tribe will be a group of like-minded women on the same self-discovery and self-awareness empowerment journey. You’ll build your communication, assertiveness and leadership skills in an all-inclusive nurturing environment.

This retreat offers you the opportunity to step away from your day-to-day roles and responsibilities and never-ending to-do list. You’ll immerse yourself in a nourishing environment that feeds your MIND, BODY and SOUL.

The Empowerment Adventure is all about finding FUN again, reconnecting with your PASSION, rejuvenating your IMAGINATION and building your CONFIDENCE so you can go after your WILDEST DREAMS. It’s much more than a yoga or meditation retreat. It gives you a unique opportunity to pull back the curtain on your life and discover who you really are and what you really want.

You will be guided through a series of workshops and activities so you have a deeper understanding of yourself and can connect with others at a heart level. You’ll return home ENLIGHTENED, ENCOURAGED and with a collection of NEW SKILLS, plus a New Tribe of Supportive Sisters, so your experience lasts long after the retreat ends.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” Hunter S. Thompson

Who's The Retreat For?

If you’ve been feeling like you’re running on empty or simply not as fulfilled as you imagined being at this point in your life or perhaps you’re yearning for community or just need a break, this retreat is for you!

Imagine coming away from this experience feeling inspired and enlightened with your self-love cup full. It will have an amazing impact on your family legacy. Rather than being the one who “keeps it all together” for everyone around you, you will now hold the keys to replenish your energy at will, while uplifting those same people and changing the energy dynamics in your family and in your work.

Filling your life with joy and happiness leaves you with memories you can cherish through the years. You’ll learn to listen to your body and mind and this is an essential part of self-care.

Rest, Rejuvenate & Rebuild

When you look after yourself, you can look after others. For you to be the Incredible Woman you were born to be, you need to take time out to recharge your batteries and acknowledge your own importance.

For you to BUILD TRUST, GROW STRONG RELATIONSHIPS and be a fabulous ROLE MODEL you have to show up as your Best Self.

Many Women get lost over the years and lose a sense of who they really are. They try to be all things to all people, over-perform in the home often being Mum and Dad, and they are predominately the ones left to care for aging and sick parents.

Whilst these are all important aspects of many women’s reality, they can often leave them feeling all-consuming and underappreciated.

Role Models Grow and Develop through Constant and Never-Ending Self-Improvement.

The Greatest Gift you can give yourself and others around you is for YOU to Learn to Love Yourself at a CORE Level.

What's Included?

Craving a more exhilarating, joyous, and rewarding life? Feel like life is speeding past, leaving you behind your desired milestones? Do self-doubts and limiting beliefs seem to be roadblocks to your dreams and potential?

Enter the ‘Made for More’ Empowerment Adventure, designed with precision to equip you with validated strategies and methods to gently navigate past these hurdles. The result? True self-assurance, happiness, prosperity, and empowerment!

Picture investing just a handful of days in a secure, lively immersive program – a reset button for your life, setting you on the right trajectory towards all your aspirations.

On this journey, you’ll benefit from over 20 hours of world-class Personalised Coaching via pragmatic group workshops and lively activities, along with daily yoga, and sumptuous meals, all in a nurturing and uplifting environment. Your Mind, Body, and Soul will return home rejuvenated, equipped with a clear, plotted roadmap for success.


Life Transition & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Business Strategist & Implementation Coach

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