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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" - Helen Keller

Meet Fiona May and Sandra Lee, the dynamic duo behind Empowerment Adventures. They are not just business partners; they are best friends who share a deep commitment to empowering and adding value to the lives of others. With somewhat similar backgrounds and a shared journey of overcoming personal challenges, they have been tested and emerged stronger than ever.

What sets Sandra and Fiona apart is the lives they’ve created.  With their down-to-earth nature, unwavering work ethic, and relentless drive for growth, they walk their talk. But what truly shines through is their infectious positivity and their immense capacity to care. They wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves to succeed and refuse to let anyone settle for less than they deserve.

Their greatest passion lies in education. They see it as the ultimate gift—one that keeps on giving as knowledge spreads through families and communities, ultimately changing the world. Fiona’s partner Paul, and Sandra’s partner Murdoch, complete the Empowerment Adventure Team, adding their own unique strengths and perspectives to the mix.

But let’s not forget that these powerhouses also live life to the fullest. They embrace the adventure of boating, caravanning, and exploring the world. They have a keen interest in business, investing, real estate, and financial freedom. Their love for freedom and the myriad choices it brings fuels their gratitude and drives them to extract every drop of joy from each and every day.

Together, Fiona, Sandra, Paul and Murdoch form a remarkable team that embodies the spirit of living full-out and empowering others. Join them to create your own extraordinary life, and discover how to embrace life, create success, and be internally happy.

Our Coaches

The Empowerment Adventure has been specifically designed for you to discover proven tools and techniques to gently help you overcome your ‘blocks’ and assist you to create true confidence, joy, abundance and empowerment!

Imagine what you could achieve if you invest a few days at a Retreat or Conference, or embark on a Personal or Business Coaching Package with them.  Their safe and fun immersive program to reset and kickstart your life… Getting onto the right pathway… So you can achieve your goals and dreams.

You will experience world-class coaching in practical group workshops plus heaps of fun activities like yoga, meditation and visualizations along with luxury beds & delicious meals to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Fiona May

Fiona May Steddy is a seasoned expert in the business and well-being space. With over 35 years of experience, Fiona brings a wealth of knowledge and personal growth to her coaching practice, catering to both men and women seeking to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

As a self-made successful business owner, Life and Relationship Coach, Family Therapist, NLP Practitioner, and mentor to thousands, Fiona intimately understands the journey required to take full control of one’s life and find fulfillment, regardless of current circumstances or past experiences. Her coaching approach empowers individuals from all walks of life to overcome obstacles and unlock their true potential.

Fiona is driven by her passion for sharing the belief that health and well-being are intertwined with our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. She recognizes that our well-being requirements evolve throughout life, shaped by the experiences we encounter. To this end, Fiona guides her clients to gain a deep understanding of themselves and cultivate emotional intelligence, enabling them to become confident leaders who make informed decisions and trust themselves.

Fiona firmly believes that addressing the core underlying issues that hold us back is the key to unapologetically accepting and loving ourselves. By embracing our greatness, we step into the realm of being the creators of our own lives, where endless possibilities unfold. Fiona helps her clients create exceptional lives on their own terms, equipping them with a strategic life plan, essential skills, and unwavering support.

Fiona’s journey of personal growth and triumphs reflects her unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges. Discovering her voice in her thirties, she utilized it to build multiple successful multi-million dollar international businesses, lead a team of 65 staff, developed a diverse property portfolio, and achieve financial freedom. While Fiona’s knowledge and business acumen have allowed her to create abundant wealth, it is her deep understanding of personal development that she cherishes most and loves to share.

With her strong mindset, contagious confidence, and courageous approach to facing fears, Fiona has overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Her greatest joy stems from her passion for helping others achieve success. Founding Women On Transition, Good To Great Coaching, and Co-Founding The Empowerment Adventure has allowed her to pass on her hard-earned wisdom to others, creating a sense of purpose and fulfillment in her own life. Fiona has joined forces with Sandra Lee, and together these two dynamic women embody leadership and champion individuals to create and live lives they truly love.

They thrive on guiding others to  embrace their personal empowerment journey and embark on a transformative adventure. Through their coaching, you will unleash your full potential, conquer barriers, and embrace a life of purpose and joy.

Sandra Lee

Over the past 35 years, Sandra has been quietly making her mark. It’s true when they say “Success leaves clues” because she has left a trail of success and a positive impact on everyone she has connected with.

Her core passion is empowering others to live a life filled with confidence ready to embrace any opportunity and achieve any goal they desire.

Sandra loves to help people succeed in their lives and has a passion for educating and empowering people shines through. Sandra holds a high standard of professionalism and is authentic in the way she approaches her work. Sandra walks her talk and has real-world demonstratable experience and skills that she passes on to her clients and lives out in her own life.

As a professional Presenter, Mentor and Educator Sandra has delivered Keynote presentations and Mentored at retreats and workshops to thousands of people covering Leadership, Business and Self Empowerment topics.

Her skills are diverse and include guest presenting on Channel 9’s Education and Training program. She has built a home-based business from zero to $6.5 million and co-founded a global Ed-Tech company that has recently listed on the New York Stock Exchange valued at over $200m with 2.7 million students actively engaged and over 600 employees. Sandra also co-founded an Entrepreneur Resort Group with Cafes & Resorts located in Bali, Singapore and South Africa.

Sandra approaches her clients with a hands-on approach and genuine care about their results. The benefit of having such laser-targeted coaching and mentoring is that it gives clear, focused direction and superior outcomes.

At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping things real for Sandra… making a difference with people that truly want to live their best life and showing them how… growing up on a farm in the Central Wheatbelt of WA taught Sandra early on how to keep grounded, be grateful and to give back…

Confidential & Caring

Deeply Committed 

Highly Skilled

Value & Impact Drive Us

The personalised coaching, accountability and support along with our unique curriculum and individualised learning pathway deliver impactful long-lasting results.

We blend theoretical and practical principles together to provide deep self-exploration at both the conscious and subconscious levels. 

If you want to learn more about how we can help you, book a FREE call with us!

Do you want to live a more adventurous, fun and fulfilling life?
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