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For you to BUILD a great business you need to be a PEAK PERFORMER and have the right systems in place and the right strategy.

Investing in this program will give you clarity of purpose, and show you the importance of building a strong foundation, culture and team. Everything needs to be aligned so you as the business leader can live a happy and fulfilled life.

You will feel re-energized, recharged and revitalize your business.


Relax, Recharge & Refocus

Your business is at its best when you are too. This is your time to recharge and get
your mind and body future fit.

Be Inspired

Our mentors truly walk their talk. They are right there beside you guiding and lighting
your pathway ahead

Connect & Brainstorm

There’s so much to gain from sharing your story and learning from peers. Connect
and brainstorm with business people who have been right where you are now.

Generate New Ideas

Brainstorm with other business owners and leaders to navigate your way forward.
Draw on experiences from different industries to inspire ideas for your own.

Make Valuable New Connections

One connection can change everything. We curate our retreats so that every guest
has something to offer and could be your next valuable business connection.

Gain Clarity & Focus

Take the opportunity to look at the big picture. Where do you want to take your
business and your life? Come to relax, and discover a full life that is ready to be

What To Expect

Taking care of business means looking after your body and mind — we ensure you’re
feeling good so you can perform at your best.

Daily inspiration & learning
Fill your mornings with practical interactive sessions gaining clarity and inspiration
from our incredible speakers. Feel your own ideas start to flow as they share their
journeys and lessons in business and life.

Together let’s make sure this retreat is right for you. Please complete an application to
attend the Better Business Retreat. Each application is carefully reviewed by our team. If you qualify, we’ll send you a link to secure your spot within 24 hours.

If this isn’t for you right now.. we will also let you
know.. The application form takes just a few minutes to complete.

This 4-day Women’s Business Retreat is designed by Sandra and Fiona to share with you the tools and skills to make your ride EXTRAORDINARY. We want to inspire you to be brave and live an almighty life where you take risks, have fun and squeeze every piece of greatness out of it. You will belong to a group of like-minded women on the same self-discovery and self-awareness empowerment journey. You’ll build your communication, assertiveness and leadership skills in an all-inclusive nurturing environment.

Immersive yourself in a nourishing environment that feeds your mind, body and soul. This retreat offers you the opportunity to step away from your day-to-day roles and responsibilities, and become empowered and The Empowerment Adventure is much more than a yoga and meditation retreat. Everything we teach is based on proven strategies and time tested it provides you with a unique opportunity to pull back the curtain on your life and discover who you really are and what you really want. You will be guided through a series of exercises and workshops so you have a deeper understanding of yourself and can connect with others at a heart level. You’ll return home enlightened, encouraged and with a collection of new skills, plus a new tribe of supportive sisters, so your experience lasts long after the retreat ends. 

True Leaders aren't just born... They are grown and developed through constant and never-ending self improvement. The greatest gift you can give yourself, your business and the ones you lead, is for you to Enhance What You Know and Develop New Tools & Skills so you can become Your Best Self and reach Your True Potential.

Who's The Retreat For?

The Empowerment Adventure – Better Business Retreat is designed for successful high-achieving women who want to live sustainable lives and avoid burnout and exhaustion. 

It’s for women who want to start a dream business, grow their families, redefine corporate cultures, speak at global conferences, influence public policies, make an impact or have a dream… 

It’s for women who want to balance their careers and lifestyle interests so they have the energy and bandwidth to avoid meltdowns.
It’s for women who have a yearning for growth and want to develop their minds so they have the tools and skills to handle anybody and any situation and do it with ease.  

The retreats bring together beautiful, authentic like-minded women who use their gifts and talents to learn how to lead by example and positively impact the world and make a real difference.

Rest, Rejuvenate & Rebuild

When you look after yourself, you can look after others. For you to be the Incredible Woman you were born to be, you need to take time out to recharge your batteries and acknowledge your own importance.

For you to BUILD TRUST, GROW STRONG RELATIONSHIPS and be a fabulous ROLE MODEL you have to show up as your best self.

High-achieving Women often get lost and begin to feel bewildered and lose a sense of who they really are. They overachieve in Male-Dominated workplaces, over-perform in the home often being Mum and Dad, and they are predominately the ones left to care for aging and sick parents.

Whilst these are all important aspects of many women’s reality, they can often leave them feeling all-consuming and underappreciated.

What's Included?

Do you want to live a more adventurous, fun and fulfilling life
Do you feel life is zipping by and you are far from where you wish to be?
Are your limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your dreams and realizing your full potential?

The Empowerment Adventure has been specifically designed for you to discover proven tools and techniques to gently help you overcome these ‘blocks’ and assist you to create true confidence, joy, abundance and empowerment!

Imagine investing just a few days into a safe and fun immersive program to reset and kickstart your life… getting onto the right pathway… to achieve your goals and dreams.

You will experience practical group workshops and fun activities with daily yoga, meditation and visualizations along with delicious meals to nourish your mind, body and soul and return home with a mapped-out plan to achieve all you desire…. with the confidence to make it happen.



Life Transition & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Business Strategist & Implementation Coach

What Our Clients Say

Let’s work together and we'll take you on
The Empowerment Adventure!

Are you ready to build the life you really want and achieve similar results as the thousands of other ladies we’ve coached?
Success leaves clues so don’t settle for less than you deserve… For once, chose and prioritize yourself. 

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?
Leave your mark on the world so YOU being here was worth every challenge you ever went through”

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