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You are here because you know something has to change…

You’re a smart, successful, high-achieving woman.

On the outside, it probably looks like you’ve got it all together.
On the inside, it’s a different story.

You’re exhausted. Your work has taken over your life. You’re tired and worn out, and at times, overwhelmed.

Your life is one long tick-off list and you have little time left for the people you love.
You’re climbing the ladder, kicking goals and bringing in a good salary.
To the world, you look successful, but to you, it feels like life is passing you by.

You know something has to give.
You worry about your long-term health, and you fantasise about what it would be like to get off the merry-go-round.

You wonder if there’s more to life and what it is that you are missing…
You’re sure there has to be more, but you have no idea what that looks like.
You just know if you keep going like this, you’ll hit a breaking point.
You’ll either burn out or break down and that will destroy everything you’re worked so hard to achieve.

There is another way…

We can help.

Our clients come to us tired, stressed and sick of ignoring the nagging feeling in their gut that they can’t go on like this.
They are so used to overcompensating, it’s just become their norm. It’s gone on for far too long and even though they’ve tried to delegate, changed jobs, and said NO occasionally, they just end up working even harder. When conventional talk therapy, anti-anxiety medication and sleeping tablets fail them, they seek relief with a glass (or three) of wine every night, binge on Netflix, shop excessively, and even try self-help books… but none of it worked long-term.

The reason none of those things works is they don’t deal with the core underlying issues that high-achieving professional women have.
If you don’t get to the underlying cause, then you’ll never find a lasting solution.

There is another way.

We teach women how to create happy and fulfilling lives and avoid anxiety and burnout… and we give them the tools and strategies they need plus the community and support necessary to have a fulfilling career and a meaningful life without sacrificing one for the other.

Through Mentoring and Coaching, we take women on The Empowerment Adventure and it changes their lives forever.

If you’d love to learn more about our methodology and how we teach our clients to have balanced and fulfilling lives, check out our residential retreats. You can have it all and it all begins with an immersive coaching experience. You’ll become your authentic best self. There’s nothing else like it out there.

We are on your side and want the best for you,
Fiona & Sandra x

Choose Your Experience…

“Made For More”
Women’s Retreat

5-Day Residential Retreat to Rejuvenate Your Life and Re-Invigorate Your Dreams

“Building Better Business”
Business Retreat

4-Day Residential Retreat to Redesign Your Business so it is Fulfilling & Successful

“Ladies Who Lead”
Women’s Leadership Retreat

4-Day Retreat for Women in Leadership so they Succeed, Make Impact & Don’t Burnout

Take Time Out To Rebuild

The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your relationships. You have nothing if you don’t have your health and well-being. How you feel about yourself underpins how successful you are and how you can impact others.

Being your best self starts with you taking care of yourself…
Our aim is to support you on your Empowerment Adventure.
When you work with us you’ll recharge your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self and actualise your gifts and talents to emerge as the outstanding woman you were born to be.

We are so glad you’re here! It’s time to reconnect, relax, rejuvenate and reimagine – and you’ll be GROWING Yourself AND stepping into Abundance in ALL areas of your life: Health, Happiness, Wealth, Impact, Love, Support, Opportunity, Influence … and Time Freedom!

This is Your Opportunity and Time To Value Yourself

Choose a Retreat and Register your Interest today as the Experience Begins the Minute you make a Decision…

An Investment for Your Future

Investing in yourself is one of the best return-on-investments you can make.

Discover how to unlock your own potential and create and sustain Relationships, a Career and
a Lifestyle that excites, and fulfils you.

Our retreats will help you not only recharge your batteries but you’ll also build a strong support system of like-minded women who will become your trusted tribe.

Gain new perspectives and amplify your learning in every area of your life. You’ll find simple, well thought-out and practical solutions to the questions and challenges that have been holding you back and that you’ve been struggling with for years.

You don’t have to settle… This retreat is an investment into your well-being that you will see significant returns from, not only within yourself. The benefits will ripple across all areas of your life… your family, friends, peers and also your business.

What Our Clients Say…

Tina Bell

I spent a couple of days at a retreat recently with Fiona May and loved it. I had an amazing time, learnt, grew and enjoyed the beautiful ladies. We shared so many awesome experiences! There was lots of laughter and fun and growth. The cooking class, energy reading and learning were excellent. The luxury hotel-type bedding and amenities at Waterlily House were divine. I look forward to coming back to have another brilliant staycation to recharge and reset again in the near future! I really enjoyed the whole experience – it was so peaceful and therapeutic to just relax and let go.

Catriona Macleod

“Sandra and Fiona are living breathing examples of living an abundant happy, fulfilled and fun life.
They have both run successful businesses all over the world and in Perth, across all industries. They don’t just talk the talk, they actively walk the walk every day.
They combine successful businesses, with successful relationships, a happy life, friends and family, and are always up for a huge dollop of fun! I couldn’t think of two people better suited to help others to do what they have done, and whom I would gladly learn from, and have learned from myself.”

Julie Lillingston

“The Retreat was an Ultimate Game Changer for me! It was nothing short of life-changing and the woman I am today is an upgraded version of who I once was. I am so much more confident, authentic, happy and loving. The entire team are incredible and I cannot recommend their coaching and programs enough. Working with Fiona and the team has positively impacted every aspect of my life. I am forever grateful to have the tools and skills I now have. Investing in myself is truly the best money I have ever spent and it has helped me earn more, attract a partner and build healthy relationships with my sons!

The world is full of books, courses and workshops promising to help us find our true value and purpose. Sometimes they inspire us for a while but often we get busy and give up trying to create more for ourselves. Usually, nothing changes and life just keeps rolling along. We know because we have been there and it is precisely why we created The Empowerment Adventure Retreats.